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Please follow the instructions below

How to make this website your Start-Up Page



  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher
    1. Go to the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options."
    2. Click on the "General" tab.
    3. In the top Home page section type in
    4. Click "Apply" button at the bottom.
    5. Click "OK" button.


  • AOL Web Browser - Version 8.0
    When you click Internet on the AOL toolbar, the browser opens a predetermined world wide web page called the home page. When you install the AOL software, the home page is set to America Online's home page at You can change your home page at any time.

To change the default browser home page:
1. On the Settings menu on the AOL toolbar, click Preferences.
2. In the Organization section of the Preferences window, click Internet Properties (WWW).
3. In the Home Page section of the General tab, type

4. Click the Apply button on the bottom, then click OK.


  • Netscape 4.01 and higher and Mozilla
    1. Click "Edit" on menu bar
    2. Click "Preferences"
    3. Click the "Navigator" option
    4. In the "Home Page" text-entry box, enter
    5. Click "OK."


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer MAC 5.0
    1. At the top left of your screen, click on the Apple icon to open the Apple menu.
    2. Go to the Control Panels and select Internet
    3. Click on the Web tab. In the middle of the window, in the Default Pages section, find Home Page and type in
    4. Close the Internet window and click Save. Refdesk is now your default home page.


  • MAC X 10
    1. Open Safari and in Safari menu select Preferences.
    2. Click the General icon.
    3. In the 'Home page' section type
    4. Close Internet Control Panel window and click Save in the dialog box when prompted to save settings.




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