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This website was designed for students and teachers of English as a second language. It contains free teaching and learning materials and useful links to many ESL websites.



Top Websites for ESL Teachers and Students


Resources for ESL Teachers:


How to Find the Best Job


ESL Job Interview Questions


How to Create Your Job

Course Outlines

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Sample

Foundation Programs

Daily Tools for Teachers

ESL Teaching Methods

How to Teach Extensive Reading


Text Abridgement
(how to abridge texts for extensive reading students)


Resources for ESL Students:


Western Culture Course for ESL Students

Oral English Course

ESL Party Land

Activities for ESL Students

Academic Research for ESL Students
(resources and tools are organized by category)


Research topics in the field of stylistics


Free Online Books

Tests and Examinations

Writing Resources

Best Grammar Resources

(free Online Dictionaries)

Vocabulary Resources

Kids World

(safe resources for kids)

Reliable English Teaching and Research Resources